Racing Duals: 1 ¾” – 2.0” Complete System


Chrome Racing Duals = $1,195

Black Racing Duals = $1,250

Racing Duals Complete System: 1 3/4″ – 1 7/8″ – 2.0″ Stepped head pipe design together with mufflers combine great looks, perfect sound and awesome performance for the ultimate dual exhaust system.

A complete professional package with superior performance.


  • Superior Performance
  • Rich Exhaust Sound
  • Chrome or Black Finish
  • Owner Adjustable Decibel Level
  • 1.75″ – 2.0″ Stepped Head Pipes
  • Reversible Contrast Cut End Caps


  • 2009-2016 – Baggers Black
  • 2009-2016 – Baggers Chrome
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Terms & Conditions


Not legal on any pollution controlled motor vehicles/race only.

Terms & Conditions

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Competition Use Only Parts

Competition Use Only Parts such as Area51Exhaust products may not be sold or used on a motorcycle that is used on or off the public highways other than those motorcycles used exclusively for competition. Competition Use Only Parts are aftermarket parts that replace or otherwise interfere with the operation of an emission control device, such as a catalytic converter or oxygen sensor, and may be sold and used on a motorcycle that is used only for closed course competition.

By purchasing the products of N.C.D.L. Incorporated d.b.a. Area 51 Racing, customer acknowledges and agrees Area 51 Racing products are for racing (closed-course competition use) purposes only and are not intended for street use. Customer acknowledges Area 51 Racing has no control over the actual use of owner’s motorcycle and acknowledges and agrees Area 51 Racing’ products are legal for closed-course competition use only and are not for use on noise or emission regulated on/off-roads or highways. By using the products of Area 51 Racing, customer relieves and indemnifies Area 51 Racing from any and all non-intended use, related costs and/or liabilities, and assumes any and all risks and liabilities associated with such use and installation.

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