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Our new M8 465 cam for 2017 and newer bikes give your 107 or 114 M8 motorcycle the power and performance you’ve been looking for. Our 465 chain drive drop in cam gives you up to 100 hp and 115lbft torque while allowing you to keep your pistons and heads completely stock. Simply replace your stock cam with our M8 465 cam to attain more power. Why be satisfied with less from your stock cam when you can increase your smile factor by showing off the true power potential of your new bike. Check out our recommendations in the link below to fully optimize your performance.

MODEL YEARS: 2017 and Newer

465 M8 Cam Specifications

Lift: Intake/Exhaust

Timing: Open/Close
Intake: 8 BTDC / 20 ABDC
Exhaust: 47BBDC / 5 ATDC

Duration: Intake/Exh

Intake: 96 ATDC
Exhaust: 111 BTDC

2017 107 Dyno Graph / M8 Motor (click to view)
M8 465 Cam Recommendations (click to view) 

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