Technology & FAQs

What is the overall concept of your exhaust systems?

The exhaust systems of Area51Racing create a superior level of looks, sound, and performance. Years of testing and dyno time, together with on-going research and patented technology give our systems great looks, owner adjustability, a rich exhaust note and performance levels un-matched by the competition.
What is the technology behind your mufflers?
The patented technology behind our mufflers combines laminar flow, anti-reversion end caps and a venturi effect which work together to create a negative pressure (vacuum) ahead of the mufflers promoting the extraction of exhaust gases from each cylinder head. Simply put – making it easier for your motor to expel exhaust gases leaves more power to spin the rear wheel.
What do you mean by: Your mufflers fit 1 ¾ or 2” head pipes?
We build our mufflers to fit either 1 ¾” or 2” head pipes by placing a seamless removable adapter inside of our 2” inlet. When used with 1 3/4” head pipes, our 2” inlet acts as a step to reduce the restriction commonly associated with 1 ¾” systems. When you’re ready for stepped head pipes, instead of throwing your mufflers away, simply remove the inlet adapter and slide your mufflers onto our new 2” head pipes.
What are the features of your head pipes?
Dresser Duals: Our right side tuck under head pipes are true dual head pipes without a turbulence causing crossover or “X” pipe. Your bike runs cooler without heat and restriction under the bike and without the reduction in size that comes with the stock cross under pipe. When used with our mufflers, our compatible 1 ¾” – 2” mufflers provide an important step in allowing great sound, sharp looks, superior power and ultimate exhaust flow not evident on competitor’s non-stepped 1 ¾” exhaust systems.

Racing Duals: Our left/right racing head pipe system are stepped three times beginning at 1 ¾” to 1 7/8” to 2” and provide maximum performance, un-equaled by any other duals in the industry. The length and diameter of each step ensures great looks, perfect ‘owner adjustable’ sound, maximum performance and peak power at all throttle positions with just a quick twist of your right wrist.

2into1 WMD: Our 2into1 stepped head pipe and exhaust system provide the ultimate in peak performance. It is designed specifically for those who love 2into1 systems but don’t appreciate the usual drop power either at onset or at maximum rpm. Months of R&D in concert with our patented Laminar Flow/Venturi baffle system enable us to provide you with the ultimate 2into1 power lasting throughout your entire rpm range. Want to take on other competitor 2into1systems? This is your Weapon of Mass Destruction… Period.

Note* All our head pipes come with both 12mm and 18mm O2 sensor bungs.

What do you mean by Owner Adjustable Decibel Levels?
We don’t wrap or constrict our baffle tube with sound attenuation material. Doing so restricts the flow of exhaust around the baffle tube. Additionally, it causes the sound packing to adsorb condensation which deteriorates performance while muffling the sound. It’s like speaking to someone with your hands covering your mouth – its just not very effective. Instead, our mufflers come with 3 stainless steel removable sound blankets, which maintain an air space between the baffle tube and our sound material. This air space keeps the exhaust flow un-restricted while promoting a deep, rich and pleasing exhaust note, which doesn’t deteriorate over time. As shipped, the decibel level of our mufflers is approximately 85db at idle when used as slip-ons with stock head pipes. If you want it louder, simply remove one, two or all three of the sound blankets in each muffler to reach your preferred decibel level.
Do I have to re-tune my bike after removing your sound attenuation material?
Because our sound blankets capture noise ‘only’ while maintaining an air space between our sound attenuation material and our baffle tube, the airflow around and through our baffle is not affected when a sound blanket is removed or replaced. Provided your bike is properly tuned after installing our exhaust system, changing the decibel level at a later date does not require re-tuning.
What finishes are available with your exhaust systems?
Our exhaust systems come in ceramic black or chrome finishes with contrast-cut, reversible end caps – allowing the user to choose a slash up or slash down appearance.
How do you determine the price of your exhaust systems?
Building multiple features into our exhaust systems adds to our costs, but we’ve kept our prices affordable. Your bike is special to you. Why be stuck with a non-adjustable exhaust system of average performance that someone else thought was good enough? With our exhausts, each Harley owner can customize his looks and sound level to suit his preference. Our performance is un-matched by the competition and our materials are quality designed to last. Our patent pending venturis are CNC’d according to proven technology. Our baffles and sound blankets are made with stainless steel so they won’t rust. Our exhausts are assembled with care and made right here in America. We focus on quality, fit and finish so you won’t need to look for a new exhaust system a few years after your purchase. You have a lot invested in your bike. You deserve your exhaust system to look, sound and perform its best; now and many years after your purchase.
Are you planning on expanding your product line?
Yes – we fully research and develop each product line before putting it out on the market until we’re satisfied it out-performs the competition. Research and development takes time, but we’re constantly expanding our product line. Check back often to see our new systems and drop us a line to let us know how you like our exhaust systems.