1. Was wanting to know what all modifications were done to get to Stage 4….

    • Hi Mike:
      Stage 4 modifications involve CNC heads, cams, pistons, intake manifold, and air filter element or heavy breather. Please call us for exact pricing depending on the exact parts you prefer.

  2. I have a 2011 Road King with 103 upgrade, SE255 cams, Boyesen Power-X intake, and V&H Power Duals with High Output Slip-ons. I’m really interested in changing my exhausts over to your racing duals (complete system). Can I expect the same or better power numbers? I’m tired of looking at the x-over on the right side, and packing mufflers. Want something cleaner looking and awesome sound.
    Also, are your right side tuck under stepped as well? If so, any difference in performance between the two?

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