2into1 Harley Dyno Run

Area 51 Racing 2into1 Exhaust Dyno Run

Area51Racing 2into1 Exhaust System:

Area51Racing 2into1 Exhaust creates a new level of performance for high output motors with a look and sound that screams “This Bike Means Business”. Express your intentions with your choice of Chrome or Black

Area51Racing pushes the performance envelope to an un-equaled level with a 2into1 Stepped head pipe and muffler combination available for 2001 – 2014 Harley-Davidson Touring models.

Years of testing and dyno time with our 2into1 exhaust allows your bike to achieve peak performance with the use of our patent pending laminar flow venturi baffle – extracting maximum power from high output motors.


  • 2into1 System
  • Great Looks
  • Rich Exhaust Sound
  • Maximum Horsepower & Peak Performance
  • Owner Adjustable Decibel Level
  • Stepped head pipes
  • Chrome or Black Finish
  • Contrast Cut ‘Anti Reversion’ End Cap
  • Both 12mm & 18mm (wide band tuning) O2 Sensor Ports
  • Made in America